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Zip Money let's you shop everywhere and pay later with flexible repayments, interest free.

Zip is here to simplify how you pay everywhere and save every day by offering fast, fair and seamless payment solutions online and in-store.


Buy Now, Pay Later

No Deposit

Account limits over $1,000 with an average maxmium credit limit of $10,000

0% Interest for 3 months. Promotional offers 6 - 48 months

$0 - $99 establishment fee

Minimum repayments from $40 per month

Low monthly $6 account fee, waived if you have no balance.

Factors to consider

The approved credit limit is determined by ZIP

The maximum co-payment you can make is $250. If you need to make a co-payment greater than this, you will need to discuss whether you can split the payment directly with Gym Direct.

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